Cichlid Care

Care & Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of cichlids from the rift lakes, but specialize in cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.

Altoamprologus Compressiceps

Tank Setup

Lake Tanganyika cichlids are endemic to the lake, they all have similar requirements in terms of water chemistry and tank conditions. Like most African cichlids, Lake Tanganyika cichlids prefer a tank with sand substrate decorated with rocks and cave formations. If you are keeping multiple species together, be sure to include plenty of hiding places as well as tall decorations to break up sight lines and to divide the tank into territories.


Lake Tanganyika cichlids are largely omnivorous so they will feed on a variety of foods including algae, plant matter, insects, and crustaceans in the wild. In the home aquarium, these fish should be offered high-quality commercial flakes, pellets, and granules as well as fresh and frozen foods. Herbivores, enjoy a largely plant based diet, Spirulina, various seaweeds, and vegetable matter make up the majority of their diet.


The average water temperature in Lake Tanganyika is about 76°F to 78°F with a water hardness between 10 and 12 dH. The pH range for the lake is generally between 7.5 and 9.3. Spikes or dips can be a trigger when spawning fish.

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